Happy thoughts are rushing through my mind so fast. It feels so good to be thinking positive for a change. Negative thoughts are banished from my mind from now on. It feels so good in my bones. Hidden smiles are finally showing. My eyes glowing when I smile. This feeling is so good. The excitement jumping in my body. I feel like screaming and yelling. I’m not sad right not. I’m very awoken. I finally feel apart of something that makes me feel so good. I don’t feel left out of things anymore. I can’t give up anymore because God has yet to give up on me. I love living because people care. People actually care about me being here. They don’t want me sad and moping all the time. These people that care actually has faith in me. It feels so good. This happiness feels so good. I don’t have to isolate myself from people because they do care. I want to show my happiness not my sadness. I am happy and excited; I am a beautiful woman of God. I am God’s child. People notice the good gifts that I have. God gave me those gifts so I can show them. I don’t speak the negative, I speak the positive. I feel the love coming towards my way.


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