According to it says “The Bible describes a spiritual leader as one who possesses as a direct result of the gifting received from and performed by the power of, the Holy Spirit.” In my own words, a spiritual leader is someone who guides you and lifts you up. A spiritual leader never gives up on you even when you’re in your flesh. A spiritual leader gives you motivational words and encourages you. You’ll never know who your spiritual leaders are but, one day your spiritual leaders will be revealed to you.

Who are my spiritual leaders? Well, when I first joined the church I didn’t know any body. I did know one person and her name is Ashly. We met in school and been close ever since. She has been the one to help and guide me in God’s word. Even when I’m in flesh, she still tries to help me the best way she can. When I’m going through my situations, I tend to push her away. She says things like “Even if you push me away, I’m still here.” Or “God made us to be friends for a reason.” The things Ashly say to me are great but, the words go from one ear out the other. That’s the truth and she knows that as well. I’ve always told Ashly that I don’t have any friends but, she is starting to become one. I know that God is revealing to me who are my real friends. Ashly is not just a friend but, she’s my sister. We have our ups and downs but, we still love each other. She is my sister in Christ and she is my spiritual leader. We used to communicate a lot over the phone, in school and at church. Me and Ashly had our differences and lost contact with each other. God wasn’t letting that happen because it was for silly reasons. It was mainly because it was my fought on why we lost contact. Me and Ashly can have a great friendship; I just have to stop pushing her away. But, she’s not the only person that I pushed away.

At church, I met someone name Devonta and we call him Tae. He’s a good friend and I didn’t know that until I met him. Devonta is the type of friend who will be there whenever you need him. You can call him and he will pick right up. He really knows how to care for a person and be there for them. Our friendship got a little rocky because of me. I say that because I treat him wrong for no reason. All he does is try to be there for me and I thank him for that. Whenever I’m down he knows how to make me happy. He knows how to make me happy by encouraging me to do better and having a positive attitude. Me and Devonta used to talk on the phone a lot and video chat. He would send me morning text messages that will brighten my day. We would talk about life goals and things that would help make my life better. Every time I go to church he would always make his way to speak to me. He would get a little upset at me for not speaking to him. I would never talk to him first because I was shy and scared to speak to him. We weren’t dating but, I started growing feelings for him. He treated me like I actually mattered and cared for me like no one else did. I still pushed him away and acted like he did something wrong to me. Devonta never did anything wrong to me and I treated him badly. It hurts my feelings because I pushed him away so much, we barely talk like we used to. But, when we see each other he speaks to me. That shows me he still cares about me no matter how I treat him. That still doesn’t give me the right to treat him as bad as I do. He is a good friend and I wish we can get back how we used to be because those feelings are still there and I want to see where it takes us. I owe him a big apology but, an apology that’s face to face and sincere. I’ll admit that Devonta was one of the best spiritual leaders I ever had. I really appreciate it.

Even though I pushed two amazing people away, they’re still in my life today. I feel I don’t deserve them as friends. There is this one friend that I really enjoy talking to on the phone, texting and seeing her at church. Her name is Sister Precious. I can’t fully remember how we met but, we became very close. We are not just friends she is my sister. I know for a fact that God sent her in my life for a reason. Sister Precious texts me Good morning messages and her messages always brightens my day. Every day I text her something that I’ve learned and it helps her. I didn’t know that until she told me. She is always there for me when I need someone to talk to. I never push her away because she is an awesome person. Sister Precious always tell me to follow God through everything and I will be okay. She tells me to pray every day and what to pray for. I wish me and Sister Precious can have a girls day out. I think we would have an awesome time. I can trust her with any and everything. Sister Precious is not just my sister or friend but, she is my spiritual leader.

This story is not finished because I have more to add to it. I have more spiritual leaders that God revealed to me. I want to reveal those spiritual leaders to you. These three people have a big impact on my life and I love them to death. I’m glad they can be a part of my journey and this is not the end to this story. My other spiritual leaders are Sister Juanita, Joy, Damian (Youth Pastor), Sister Tamara, Diamond, Terrance, Marco, Sister Katrina, First Lady Cody and Pastor. They help me by being a positive impact on my life. Thankyou.


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