Some things are worth living for and some things aren’t worth living for. The things in life you really need, you don’t want. Then the things that you want you don’t need. Sometimes you have to sacrifice something because God sacrificed his life for us. You see the difference don’t you? Many people think that they need to keep everything they own because they don’t want to give it up. Many people think that they have to keep all of their money, weave, clothes, shoes, books, employment or school. You can’t keep everything forever because everything doesn’t last forever. Did you know that? The only thing that last forever is the love that God has for you. The only thing that you should want and need is God. The only thing that you should not give up and sacrifice in your life is God. Changes are going to come into your life but, you have to learn to adapt to those changes. I’m sure that at this very giving moment something in your life is about to change. Don’t be afraid of that change and learn to adapt to that change in your life. But, I know that God will not change his love for you. Give up something today that you know you really need. Give and give until you can’t give no more. Just remember on why God died on the cross. Why do you think he did that?


2 thoughts on “Adapting To Changes

  1. I am struggling with all the new changes I am facing, presently in my life. Though I am no stranger to problems, I feel the enemies attacks toward me more now because of the growth I am showing and if I should continue to face challenges like this because I am growing closer to Him in Spirit.. then so be it!
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    1. It’s this one line that I’ve learned at bible study it’s “You have to go through the STRUGGLE in order to get to the GLORY” I want you to remember that one line as you go through those changes. Build a strong relationship with God and your life will be so much better. Read your Bible and talk to God. That’s my message and advice to you. 🙂


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