Songs by: Kirk Franklin

1.) Smile-       http://youtu.be/HLyokFc_e8c

2.) Imagine Me-       http://youtu.be/yRA4vNs2r3c

3.) Stomp-         http://youtu.be/Jz6AZ-Qdb9w

4.) Lean On me-        http://youtu.be/7Cj5uYlwp6o

5.) Something About The Name Jesus-        http://youtu.be/W7zwlHZ4fxU

6.) Brighter Day-        http://youtu.be/DXjVlb8jGzs

7.) Hosanna-        http://youtu.be/3WXySpy7QPE

8.) Why We Sing-          http://youtu.be/lkO13cr1Tlo

9.) Revolution-          http://youtu.be/T28Es4HIarY

10.) My Life Is In Your Hands-          http://youtu.be/gIPMllUV12o

I’m addicted to all Kirk Franklin Songs. I’m listening to these list of songs as I put them on here. This list can be very long but, I just shortened it to the best songs. Do you remember these songs? Do they bring back memories?


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