This ¨One Old Friend¨ was always bringing me down.

Calling me out my name.

Telling me that ¨I’m Nothing¨

Talking about me on how I always down myself.

This ¨One Old Friend¨ was always in my business.

Telling me that I’m bitter and lonely.

Telling me that he was my only friend in high school.

Telling me that he was always there for me when no one else was.

This ¨One Old Friend¨ made it seem like I didn’t have no one but him.

Always getting mad at me for not speaking to him or when I was having my ¨Me Time¨

This ¨One Old Friend¨ was mad because I never included him in my relationship.

Meaning that this ¨One Old Friend¨ always wanted to know everything about my life.

This ¨One Old Friend¨ was shockingly my best friend.

This ¨One Old Friend¨ knew a lot about me.

This ¨One Old Friend¨ and I never agreed on anything.

This ¨One Old Friend¨ was trying to control me.

This ¨One Old Friend¨ never encouraged me to do anything in life.

This ¨One Old Friend¨ never put a positive impact on my life.

This ¨One Old Friend¨ told me that ¨He Made Me¨ because I didn’t have friends in high school.

Which I did have friends in high school.

This ¨One Old Friend¨ thought that he was only going to be the one person that was my friend.

Since me and this ¨One Old Friend¨ didn’t come to an agreement about anything.

Me and this ¨One Old Friend¨ was always arguing.

I’m sorry, did you read that one line where I said this ¨One Old Friend¨ told me that ¨He Made Me¨

This ¨One Old Friend¨ was mad at me because I didn’t want to be his friend anymore.

But, I had reasons on why I shouldn’t associate with him anymore.

This ¨One Old Friend¨ always brought drama into my life.

This ¨One Old Friend¨ would always turn people against me when I was mad at him.

This ¨One Old Friend¨ threw dirty language into my life.

Everything I told that ¨One Old Friend¨ he used it against me.

This ¨One Old Friend¨ was gay.

This ¨One Old Friend¨ was jealous of me.

This ¨One Old Friend¨ didn’t even graduate high school but, I did.

This ¨One Old Friend was always making me angry.

I gave this ¨One Old Friend¨ chances after chances even when he did something wrong to me.

After so many chances, I finally learned my lesson.

Be careful who you tell your business too especially if you have trust issues.

That ¨One Person¨ can use your problems against you.

If God is telling you not to hang around that person, it’s for a good reason.

If ¨One Person¨ doesn’t turn out to be a good friend.

God will bless you with a better friend.

Don’t ever let anyone make you think that ¨they made you¨.

God was the one who created you.

Don’t hang around negative people because they will be a big distraction in your life.

It’s like you’re letting the Devil in your life by having negativity in your life.

Those type of people don’t want to see you succeed in life.

They try and try to bring you down to their level.

But, you can’t get down to their level because you’re on a higher level then them.

They’re jealous of the life that you have.

Those type of people want to be you.

They’re mad because they can’t be you.

So, let them be mad and pray for them.

Show them love anyway.

People who don’t have their life together try to find everything wrong about you.

In reality, there is a lot of things wrong about them.

What ever is in their closet God will reveal it.

So, they should be careful before they try to bring someone else down.

Whatever is in the Dark will come to Light.

Be careful who you hang around.

Pray for the people who hurt you and God will reveal who they really are.

God will reveal on why He didn’t want them in your life the first place.

How could someone be jealous of a person that God didn’t even create them to be?



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