1.) Activate God in your life when you praise.

2.) Deactivate the Devil and don’t let him in your life.

3.) Unexpected miracles will release when you praise God.

4.) The Devil will loose when you praise God.

5.) Other people will get scared by your praise when you praise God.


Your sisters and brothers will probably think why is she praising God like that, just tell them that it’s a personal praise. When you praise him that means the Devil already lost. Keep praising him. Just think of it as a personal praise between you and God. God knows what you’re going through and the people at the church don’t. They only know bits and pieces. Don’t worry about how others look at you. Don’t worry about what others our think while praising God. Praise God during your struggles and good times. Just keep praising God and miracles will happen. ..!!!!!!


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