Why did God create Man in his Kingdom? I’ve always wondered that. People speak of ¨Man¨ like they’re the kings of the world. Why does ¨Man¨ always get mentioned in a scripture or the Bible? Man are not the only humans on this Earth. What about woman too? We are woman and we are humans too. If ¨Man¨ are the only thing that we as woman can go to for money or love. They why can’t we go to them for happiness and peace? ALL MEN always use us females for sex, money and food. Is that true or no? People always say to ¨Pray to God and work on yourself. Then He will bring the ¨Man¨ that he personally created for you.¨ I’m not doubting God or loosing my faith. Maybe I’m just angry. I do believe that God will help us with working on our selves. But, Men are dogs and cowards. They don’t care about our feelings nor have love for us. ALL MEN are cheaters and they don’t care. I HATE ALL MEN until someone can prove to me that not all man are Dogs. Ladies, Don’t seek Men please only seek God. He is the only one who can give you love, peace, happiness and joy. Why did God create Man? We don’t need them. We need God and that’s it.


[I need people opinions on this. I wrote this out of anger. I’m in my flesh but, WHY DID GOD CREATE MAN?] OPEN DISCUSSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “WHY DID GOD CREATE MAN?

  1. Let us remember that God sent the “Son of Man” – Jesus the Christ – to this earth for the sake of all men (and women). God created man and women in His image. When He did this – God remarked on His creation – “It is Good”.

    God made woman to be part of man because He saw his creation as incomplete. Woman is to be a help mate for man. That is God’s will. Each has their strengths – each has their weaknesses. Not all men are dogs, not all woman are angels. Was it not EVE, a woman, who first listened to Satan and allowed herself to be swayed away from what she knew were God’s truths? But does not God say to man, Love your wife as you love yourself because no one ever hated his own body? God in turn tells women, respect your man. We are to be symbiotic in each other, just as God the Father is symbiotic with God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. If we are truly made in His image, we are to strive to be the same.

    God made man. God made women. In His own words – He said it is Good…and only then did He rest from creating.

    I pray that God will assuage your heart and difficulty in this. You are correct that only God can fill our hearts with the love of a true husband, but that does not discount the importance of man and woman in His divine plan.


    1. Yes that is absolutely true. I got told this from some people at my church, I was just upset. I was just writing this out of my feelings because I was upset. Thanks for your comments. You don’t know how much I appreciate this. Thanks so much. You should read the one called ¨Minister Through Poetry¨ look for it on my blog. I’m sure you’ll like that one.


      1. Hey sister. We have all been there. Me included. Thanks for your transparency. It took me years to learn what I wrote. I am a hard headed and apart from the grace of Christ a sometimes hard hearted sort as well. I will check that out too!

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