Do miracles happen or not? Yes, that’s why people have testimonies. I call that a miracle. Miracles don’t just come out of no where. God did that. Let’s say that you been having trouble with money and you needed it really bad. All of a sudden, you get a check in the mail because you paid your ties and prayed. That’s a testimony but, it’s also a Miracle. Miracles happen when you activate God in your life. If God is deactivated in your life, then you need to activate him right now. Let’s say you wanted a kid and didn’t think anyone wanted a kid with you. So, the next couple days you take a pregnancy test and you find out that you’re pregnant. That’s a miracle and a testimony. That testimony can help other people who think that no one ever wants to have kids with them. God did that. Let’s say you been wanting to get married since you were a kid. You know when we are kids and plan out our wedding and have a wedding song. But, as you grew older your relationships never went well. All of a sudden, you been going through some things and a man sweeps you off your feet. He’s with you in your flesh and when you’re happy. You both have been dating for years and then he unexpectedly purposes to you. That’s a miracle and a testimony. God did that. Let’s say you lost your job and haven’t had one in years. You been applying every where that you can think of. Everyone has turned you down and all of a sudden a company called you. They called and set you up for an interview and you got hired on the spot. That’s a miracle and testimony. God did that. Let’s say you been dealing with cancer and they said you’re going to die in a couple days. You start to cry and feel like your life is all over.  But, you prayed and kept having faith in God. You have another appointment at the Doctors Office and they said you are healed. That’s because you been shouting I’m healed and doing praise breaks at church. God did that. Miracles can happen when you have strong faith in God. Don’t get discouraged because everything is going to be okay. You can’t be talking negative and letting the Devil run all over you. That’s when your miracles start to fade away. Activate God in your life, have faith and miracles will happen. Everything happens for a reason because God did that. 


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