Dear Joi,

Hey lil sis. 🙂 I’m so glad that God brought you into my life. You have been a Joy in my life. That one lil sister who is always there by me when I’m sad. ¨Always asking what’s wrong, talking to me when I’m sad and checking to make sure that I’m okay.¨ We get along so perfectly and that’s probably because we are both Gemini’s. I remember when we first met and you were just full of fun and happiness. You still are. I see greatness in you little sister. I know that you love to take pictures and you love to have fun where ever you are. I know that you like to play around a lot, you like playing with your hair, singing and dancing. That’s the type of people I like to hang around, not someone who brings me down. You are so funny and I noticed that you don’t like to see me down all the time. God has brought you in my life for a reason. He has brought you in my life to teach me how to be around kids. I always said that I don’t like kids or I don’t want any. You have taught me how to talk to kids, how to have fun with them and how to most importantly enjoy them. You taught me that it’s a time to play and a time to be serious. You didn’t have to say anything I just learned by watching. I learned so much from you that I act differently around my blood sister. I treat her way much better and I don’t argue with her anymore. Her name is Arielle just in case you’re wondering. No matter how old a person, they can still teach you certain things. I’m so blessed to have you. Thank you so much and you have been a blessing into my life. I thank God for creating you My Sister.


Sister Taris  🙂

Me and Joi.
Me and Joi.

4 thoughts on “You’re Truly A Blessing To ME

  1. THIS is beautiful. I have a sister, but we don’t talk. I’m the black sheep because of my mental illness. I love that you and your sister are close, and that you both inspire each other (I’m pretty sure she looks up to you). Very inspiring.

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    1. Thank you so much and it’s so funny that this is my Sister in Christ. You should talk to your sister and get back closer to her. Don’t let your mental illness come in between your relationship with your sister. Give that situation to God and let Him take over. Yes we are very close. I’m glad that this post was inspiring. Thanks for commenting. 🙂


      1. My sister’s husband wrote me a letter that I am no longer welcome to contact either of them OR my niece and nephew. It breaks my heart, but there’s nothing I can do to sway their minds. It’s okay. There are 2 sides to every story. Someday my niece and nephew will be 18, and they can hear MY side. I’ve begun a journal for them both, so they don’t think I’ve disowned them, and know that I think of them often. I don’t want to cause my sister (or any other family members) any more grief because of my “issues”. I was warned not to even bring them up on social media so as to not tarnish their reputations (having to admit they’re related to me). I’ve put it all in God’s hands, and have faith that He will make our paths cross again in the future. However, in the meantime, I’ve undergone surgery and am fighting a blood disorder, and not once has she reached out. They have also disowned my son whom they once wanted custody of. It’s a very sad situation, as I don’t know what the future holds for me. I do know that should my number be called, my son will be going to my brother and his wife.

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  2. I will put you and your situation in my prayers. Everything will be just fine as long as you have faith and trust God. Put everything in God’s hands. Continue writing and praying. God will answer your prayers and he will reveal certain things to you. As long as you pray, you will be getting a phone call very soon. God watches everything that we do and say. ! 🙂


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