Goodmorning everyone. 

How’s everyone doing on this beautiful Sunday morning?

Aren’t you thankful that God woke you up this morning?

Somebody didn’t wake up this morning but, you did.

How are all my beautiful ladies and gentleman doing?

I know everyone is getting ready for church. 

You look so beautiful in that skirt, dress or blouse.

You look so handsome in that Suit you’re wearing. 

Those shoes are Hot to. 

We are going to Church for God, not anybody else. 

If you got to take those hills off, I don’t blame you. 

I’m praising God today because I feel great this morning. 

I can’t wait to see my choir, the praise team and I wonder who preaching today. 

We have different preacher’s at our church. 

I’m excited and I’m ready to hear the word that God sent for me. 

Praise God.

Worship Him.

When praises go up, blessings come down.

Have a blessed day! 



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