Have you ever thought that there are certain cliques in the church?

Have you ever seen the same people at church talking to each other?

Have you ever thought that you were an out cast at church?

Have you ever thought that every one is so caught up in your life?

Have you ever thought that there are some evil spirits still in church?

I want to share something with you all and it’s been really hurting my feelings.

I had this best friend name Jonea.

We were so close.

I was at the Church before her but, I knew her already from school.

We just haven’t seen each other in so long that our bond grew closer.

We were doing so good that we became the best of friends already.

I spent a night over her house and we hung out.

Well, all of that changed in a short amount of time.

This all started with a post on Facebook.

I had put a post on Facebook saying that ¨I Hate All Men and they are cheaters¨ because my feelings were hurt

I understand that was a bad thing to say.

I did apologize to everyone.

A ¨boy¨ had hurt my feelings so bad that I ended up crying.

That’s why I said what I said.

I tend to say things out of anger.

So, I guess some people from Church had got offended and they took it to the extreme.

This one girl name Tamara took it to the extreme.

I believe she was judging me.

She said ¨That people were going to look at me funny and ask why did I say that.¨

That clearly states that other people will judge me.

I knew that after that day I said that.

Someone at Church was going to call me out about that.

Okay, so Tamara kept asking me why did I put that up there and what was the point.

I cursed her out and I know that’s bad on my part.

But, she came at me like she was judging me.

They left that situation alone for a little bit.

But, then I saw Jonea with Tamara all the time.

Tamara was calling her best friend and walking around with her 24/7.

Tamara said I hurt her brother feelings.

But, I would expect her brother to come to me about it the way she did.

The post wasn’t even about her.

That’s the point that I’m not getting.

Now her and Jonea so called friends.

Me and Jonea not talking like that now but, I didn’t do anything to her.

She supposed to be my so called bestfriend.

She say hey to me but that’s it.

We used to have so many conversations other than Hey.

This situation upsets me and I cried about it last night.

I feel like they both trying to come against me.

I’m telling you if you see how they are in Church together, you would know what I mean.

I’m just upset.

I feel like they’re talking about me.

I lost my bestfriend to a situation that had nothing to do with her.

What should I do?



12 thoughts on “I lost my bestfriend! :(

  1. I clicked the like button because that’s usually when the little prompt pops up “Leave a comment.” I can’t like this. And I can’t like it because you’re hurting. Your “friends” are doing this all right in front of your face for several reasons, but mainly just to hurt you. Why would they want to do that? Well, take religion out of the picture and look at them as plain human beings. Better yet, 2 girls on the playground. They are acting like grade school girls who are jealous because your sneakers are nicer than theirs. It’s as simple as that. I cannot count how many times my best friends have hurt me. In fact… here’s one for you! I needed a new car because I was driving a Ford Explorer and basically working a 40 hour work week to keep gas in it. So, I went to the car dealer and found the car I wanted. My “friend” at the time didn’t have a vehicle, and her husband wouldn’t always let her use his van to go visit her family. I didn’t like the control issues he had, but more so, I wanted her to have a sense of freedom. I could have used it as a trade in and gotten at least $4-$6,000 for it. Instead, I gave it to her. On top of that, I paid all the unexpected expenses that went with getting the truck back on the road in her name. Then, let her borrow $300 to put down on a house she intended to buy. Guess who’s never talked to me since? THAT one hurt. After all I did for this woman who is twice my age, and she forgets I even exist. Some people are just rotten. Down to the core rotten. There are quite a few of them out there. I have been hurt by many people. The best advice I can offer is… “What other people think of you is none of your business.” You know you’re a good person. You said/wrote something mean in a moment of weakness. You are human too. The difference though, is you hold yourself accountable and show remorse. You have already been forgiven. These girls have a LONG way to go. If they are mean and nasty and can turn on you this easily, do you really want them in your life? Who’s to say they won’t pull this again in a few months from now. You continue being you. Don’t absorb their negativity, and pray for them. They need it. They ARE being judgmental, and for that alone, they need help. Help that you cannot give them. So the next time you’re at church, smile, say “Hey” and then pray… for them. I wish you all the best, but you sound young, and I can promise you, you’re going to find many more people like this throughout your life. This may be a test to strengthen you. Use it to your advantage. Delete your Facebook account. What do you think God would say if you and he sat down and talked about Facebook? All the gossip and cruelty expressed on social media, all to hurt others. “My life is so much better than yours because…” I don’t think God would approve of Facebook at ALL. So, do yourself a favor. Don’t torture yourself by stalking their pages and seeing the pictures they’re bound to post as BFF’s only to hurt you. Get off now, and continue on your journey. You’re on different paths. Let them go. You’ll find other friends who won’t hurt you, who will defend you and your feelings. But that feeling in your gut that says “They’re whispering about me” is probably right. Let them talk. If they’re talking about you, they’re not talking about someone else. I wish you nothing but the best… Again though, get rid of Facebook!! Vent your feelings here. No one else needs to know your personal business, and if friends want to keep in touch, they’ll call, Skype, email etc. Facebook is evil.

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      1. Facebook may have started with nothing but the best of intentions, but now? Now it’s all about making money, and it’s creators don’t care that lives and families are ruined by misunderstandings and misinterpretations. Money IS the root of all evil. If Facebook wasn’t so greedy, maybe I’d participate, but I have left the herd of sheep and choose to call or write my loved ones to keep in touch. I wasted SO much time on that site; time that I can’t get back. And because I expressed how hurt I was over the damaged relationship I had with my sister (looking for advice, trying to get rid of the pain) my sister saw it, and has disowned me and my son. We are no longer welcome to call or inquire about my niece or nephew. Facebook is evil…

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  2. Wow, that was some great advice. Thanks for that. I just deleted my Facebook. I’ll just pray about this situation and let God take over it. He knows what to do. I’ll talk to him tonight. You’re right about if friends want to keep in touch. It’s other ways to stay in touch with me. I don’t have time for negativity and someone told me not to let it dictate me. I’m on a mission with my poetry to help people that’s what I’m focused on. I’m focused on God and my mission because it is not yet complete. I’ll still show love because that’s what God would want me to do. ¨Love Your Enemies¨ And yes you’re right Facebook is very evil.

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  3. People who misunderstand each other tend to judge each other. Don’t take it personally. Remember, hurting people hurt people. We live in a broken world and just because we go to church doesn’t mean that all broken people are better. It takes time, it takes growth and maturity. As to hating men, there are plenty of others right along with you. Many young women get hurt and one day this young lady will remember your words when that day comes and she gets hurt. But in the meantime, you do the right thing which is to speak with kindness and love. If someone says something mean, ask God to bless them. Most of the time they say things because they have hurts and problems in their own life. You just don’t know what it is. Rise above all the cattiness and mean things. Trust in the Lord and He will lead you. Pray for both of the girls. You would be honoring God in doing so and feel blessed in the process. You just might be surprised in the end of how the story unfolds and where all of your lives lead. hang in there….God loves you.

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  4. Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate this. ¨Hurting people, hurt people¨ I will remember that. I will trust God with this situation and show love. Yes, God loves me and favors me. I will pray for all of us. Thanks again. God bless you both for the great advice.


  5. I am so sorry that you are hurting. So many miscommunications occur because of things like facebook and texting. Nothing compares to face to face communication. And God knows your heart. Just hold onto Him and trust Him. Sometimes He separates us from others for reasons that we can’t see at the time but will be evident in the future. May God bless you!

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  6. Blessings Taris. Remember those that love you will not judge you. You were being honest with your feelings. I have blurted out many times in anger but it is the hurt I realise now. I have learned to give everything to Jesus just everything cause he is my best friend. I have recently lost a friend too and she hurt me but Jesus has taken the pain away. I always wanted a best friend but now I have jesus. Jesus won’t judge you he will love you and help you to find a better way to handle things when you get upset and angry. Sometimes it is hard. I leave the Peace of Jesus to you Taris. Take care and God Bless xx jacqui xx

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    1. Yes, I was being honest with my feelings. It is very hard to handle things when you’re angry. I really appreciate it. Thanks to the both of you. I truly understand. Stay tuned in to my next post. That might surprise you.

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