These Questions were given to me by my step sister Kourtney Jones. Mind you, she’s only 10 and wants to write an autobiography about me. I don’t know what made her want to do that. She want’s to be an Author to.

¨Look yourself in the mirror and ask your self these questions¨

1. What were your struggles as a kid?

I was always getting bullied and talked about.

2.) How did you deal with this struggle?

I used to cry about it but, then I over came that struggle. I became a whole new person.

3.) What is my happy place?

When I’m in the room alone eating, listening to music and writing. My real happy place is when I have some Chicken.

4.) Describe your happy place?

Well, I can’t really describe it. My happy place is any where that’s in a quiet room.

5.) What and when was the moment that inspired you to be a writer?

When I was in 7th grade. My English teacher inspired me to be a writer. I started writing plays, and poetry.

6.) What are my struggles during my writing career?

I guess you can say I have a writing career. The enemy tries to make me not write when I’m in my flesh. I still over come them and still write to help you all.

7.) How did you improve in your writing career?

At first my poetry was depressing, now I talk about God in my poetry all the time. My writing improved a lot over the years. Once I went to church, my writing style changed and I’m loving it.

8.) What were you struggles through high school?

I was always getting in trouble and I had bad grades. Math was my biggest struggle and it always brought down my grade. Luckily, I’ve always passed English lol.

9.) How will you reach your goals?

I will reach my goals by praying, never giving up and succeed.

10.) What were goals as you past your turning point?

My goals remained the same, It was to be a Journalist/Poet.


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