Dear God

Thank You for waking us up this morning. Shower down your spirit on all of us today. Push the enemy away from us we don’t need those distractions. Instant changes are coming our way so fast and we need you to help us be prepared for it. I’m changing, the world is changing, everything is changing around us so fast. Is this change for the better or worse? I always told someone that I’m afraid of change and I would never change. Well. here it is and it’s all because of you. Without you God, I wouldn’t even have this positive attitude, I used to always think negative. I wish that you shower down your spirit on everyone so they can have the same positive attitude that you gave me. While you’re blessing me, keep blessing my brothers and sisters as well. Let them know that you’re real. God is control and if you don’t put God first in your life. Nothing GOOD will ever happen to you. Why do you think bad things keep happening to you and your family? Worship God and NOT THE ENEMY! Continue to work on us and build us in your word. In the name of JESUS… AMEN!


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