Dear God,

Thank You for waking me up this morning. This week I’m learning how not to make time for everyone that don’t make time for me. Thank you for teaching me that not everyone is going to be by my side through my struggles and even when I’m not struggling. God I ask that you bring people in my life that speaks positive things and don’t bring me down. God I ask that you push the people out my life who don’t belong in it. God this has been on my mind for a couple days and you’re starting to show me some things through a word or giving me signs through scriptures. God I ask that you keep building me in your word so that I can put all my trust in you. I’m starting to see that I can only trust you. Putting my time and trust in other people is a waste of time and it can hurt my feelings. When I go places by myself, I know that you’re looking over me because I can have fun even by myself. I don’t need people at all. God I ask that you watch over the people that feel the same way I’m feeling right. The heartbreaks, the lies, the feeling of being lonely, the feeling of being tired of everything, the ¨so called friends leaving them behind¨ I know that this is not just my prayer. Someone else is feeling the same way. God I ask that you just continue to watch over my brothers and sisters. Continue to bless us and work on us. We all need you. I love you. In the name of JESUS…. AMEN!


2 thoughts on “THIS IS NOT JUST FOR ME!

  1. Dear Sister, your prayer will be answered. I have seen God remove all of my ‘so called friends’ away from me.. See this as separating you from those whose heart is not towards God. It is so easy to be yoked with unbelievers even if they go to church. It is a hard lesson and yes sometimes very lonely. Be encouraged. The Lord speaks to your heart ‘Child trust me. I have plans to prosper you and plans not to harm you. I will steer those who are not honest with me. Do not be afraid. Trust me in all the things in your life. You didn’t choose me I CHOSE YOU! ….Child be not afraid I have my mighty angels encamped around you. Come to me often. Speak out all of your hurts. I am the LORD that healeth thee.

    These words are for you dear sister. God loves you and will take care of you. Jacqui xx

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    1. Thank You my sister. I needed to hear that.
      I will continue to speak out all of my hurts, it’s actually helping me when I put a prayer into a poem form. Yes God Chose me for a reason. ! God bless you my sister. Maybe that is what God is doing. He is removing me from people that will hurt me or who has hurt me. Have a blessed day! 🙂

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