If only we had two hearts.

One would be broken and one would be healed.

But, if we had two hearts, wouldn’t that be too much on us?

What if both of those hearts was broken?

Then we would have nothing left but a broken soul.

Why do you think God only gave us one heart?

Maybe because one heart is what we as his children only can handle.

Honestly, I can’t even handle one heart.

I need another heart because it’s broken in pieces to the point it made me stubborn and bitter.

This is for the people that had their heart broken so many times.

Having two hearts would be awesome yes.

Having one heart that we only gave to God would be a blessing.

Once we give that one heart to God, our hearts will be healed.

All you have to do is put you Trust In God and have faith.

I know getting our hearts broken is depressing.

One day we have to realize that our heart has to be given to God.

He will heal it and another heart will match ours.

That heart was the one God was saving for us because we were able to handle it.

A Broken Heart
A Broken Heart

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