Dear God,

Thank you for that beautiful word yesterday. I only came to hear your word and it’s synced in me now. I learned that I’m growing in your word. I learned that when you praise God your finances go up and that is true. I’m experiencing that now and I’m never broke now lol. You’re real and you stay committed to your children 100%. We all didn’t just grow out of no where but, we had to take steps. I look up to Maya Angelou but, I know she had to take steps to get to where she needed to be. Now, I look at myself I just want to break down crying. I had to take steps to get to where I needed to be. So, if I’m extra excited that I got two jobs it’s because I took a step to get there. I didn’t just get two jobs out the blue. People probably saying that I can’t handle two jobs. With Christ, I can handle anything. I know that my pastor had to take steps into preaching. He didn’t just start preaching out of no where. I learned that President Obama had to take steps in order to be a president, he didn’t just get elected. I learned that my parents didn’t just get these houses out of no where. They have to take steps to get those houses. I learned we all can’t just get to the place that we have to be right away. We have to take steps. It’s like needing transportation. We know that we need transportation to get to work, school and other places. We have to figure out the route and how much money we need. That’s called taking a step. I didn’t just learn how to preach the word on facebook because I didn’t do this before at all. You all know that. I had to take steps to preach the word through facebook or my blog. I’m in the process of writing my book but, I didn’t know how to put it together at first. I had to take steps and now it’s almost done. So, if you look at some one and think that they have it all together, trust me they most definitely had to take STEPS to get it together. We are all growing spiritually but, we have to take steps to Grow. When you start growing, it starts showing. AMEN..! Vinyard House FYI: I payed attention, I don’t have to write anything down. !


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