I hate being 19!

People always treat you like a kid.

They always talk to you like a kid.

They always tell you what to do like a kid.

They always want to push you around and use you like a kid.

They think you’re a kid.

Don’t no one ever give us 19 year old ¨kids¨ a chance to do things on our own.

You always get blamed on things.

You always have to do what adults tell you to do.

I know us 19 year old’s really dislike that.

People feel that since you’re 19, you’re still a kid.

That’s why we 19 year old’s tend to get smart with everything we say .

Am I speaking to some one right now?

I think i am.

Are you at least 18 or 19?

I really dislike listening to people, that’s what I learned about myself.

Can’t really spend money on the things you want.

But, you have to spend and save money on the things that other people want .

Yes. I would share.

But, people always saying I’m selfish and an ungreatful person .

Well, if you continue to speak that in my life, then I probably will turn out to be that way.

You didn’t speak that I can at least be caring.

Sometimes us 19 year old’s always feel like we don’t never get recognized for things we do.

Maybe that’s just not us 19 year old’s.

Maybe that can be for anybody else who feels that way as well.

One day, we 19 year old’s have to move out of that nest that we are in.

We have to build our own nest.

Getting our own apartment and a car by our self’s.

No help from anyone because then they will say ¨Well, I helped you¨

You all know how that goes.

Anyway, I’m just venting and I know this blog is supposed to be about positive things.

This is actually reality.

We have to trust God and let Him handle it.

Our feelings can put us in some serious situations.

That’s why we have to trust God and let go of our feelings.

I’m here to tell you that you can do anything on your own.

All you have to do is Have Faith in God.

Don’t let ANYONE stop you!


4 thoughts on “I Hate Being 19!

  1. This is a difficult time for you, I know I was 19 once. Things have changed but some things remain the same. My prayer for you is that as you trust the Lord and seek Him he will make your path clear and His blessings will fill your life and your heart. Don’t go to fast enjoy where you are!

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    1. Thank you for those encouraging words. I’m still 19 and seems like things are getting worse. Good thing is that I don’t have kids. I’m going through it alone. It is really a difficult time for me right now. I really appreciate this comment.

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