When I said there were going to be more people coming to my church, I didn’t know I was going to be the one inviting them out. Isn’t that something? God is working in my favor and I’m doing good to people who needs help. I’m helping people out in different ways. If people don’t believe the things I’m doing, it doesn’t matter. God is watching me and he knows exactly what I’m doing. People making videos and showing off how they’re helping the homeless. The whole world doesn’t need to know by you doing a video. You and God knows you did it, that’s all that matters. I might seem careless to some people but, some people really don’t know what’s in my heart or what I care about. I’m doing more than what you see and hear. That’s why that song say “Encourage Yourself” that’s exactly what I’m doing. I encourage myself to do what God tells me to do. Don’t believe what you see because what you see might not be something you need to see. Believe in your self. Encourage Yourself. God is always watching and seeing what you’re doing. Be careful of how you treat people to because they may be a blessing to you. It’s always good to give but, are you giving to the right people who’s in need of it? Start talking about God in your conversation and see how much that one line can do. Someone can tell you they whole life story in a blink of an eye.


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