My book is called “God’s Poetic Child” and in my previous post I’ve explained what I’ve done so far if you been reading. I think I should change my introduction. What do you think? Here it is….

Dear Reader,

I’m so delighted that you took your time into reading my poetry. I am a young writer and have been inspired to keep writing. I’ve been writing since 7th grade and now I’m in college. That’s a very long time. I could have given up a long time ago but, I didn’t. My head is full of big dreams. My dream is to become a well-known Journalist and a poet. I know for a fact that I can manage to accomplish my dreams.

In school, I attend creative writing clubs every semester. I also attend the newspaper club as well. I love taking English classes because; there is just so much writing. Right now, I attend Prairie State College and I will be transferring to Columbia University. Columbia University is one of my dream schools. When I visited Columbia, I fell in love with the school even more. Columbia is such a creative school. I will fit in so perfectly because I’m a creative person. I’ve been inspired to attend Columbia College from many different professors. My major right now is Mass Communications. I’m thinking about having poetry as a minor. Once I transfer, I will have my major as Journalism.

There are so many obstacles but, I will not let them stop me. Also, there will be people trying to crush my dreams. I will not let them. Before I am 30, I want to open my own bookstore. My bookstore will be filled with so many books. If you name any book that you like, I will have it. Every other week there will be spoken word. No matter how old you are, you can attend. One day, I will do spoken-word when I get over my fears. My fear is speaking in front of other people and messing up. I want to perform spoken-word downtown because that’s the number one place to be. Actually, I want to live downtown because it’s a lot of Job opportunities. It’s very busy and I’ll always have something to do.

When you take a look at my poetry, you’ll love it. I write for free every single day. You can that I write every day because I have so many poems. When I publish this first book there will be more to come. Keep in mind, just because a poem sounds like it’s about the poet, doesn’t mean it really is. My name is Taris Kendricks. I’m a college student. My passion for writing is extremely high. Success is coming my way. I can feel it. I am a writer and a Journalist. I will be successful. I’m a survivor and I will always follow my dreams.

Note: I don’t think this should be the introduction of my first book. I wrote this along time ago before I even started my book. This has nothing to do with the title. “God’s Poetic Child” and it has nothing to do with the sections of my book. What do I really think of this introduction? I think I might have a second book coming after I publish the first one. What do you think? I think I should save this introduction for another book that I will write. Maybe this introduction can go with another book “My Career” or “Inside My Career”. Hummm? Book #2 might be on it’s way after this first one. What do my readers and viewers think about this?


2 thoughts on “I Think I should Change MY Introduction Of MY Book What Do You Think…Here It is.

  1. Hi Taris… It is so nice to learn more about you!! You are an inspiration to many as you walk this path of fulfilling your dreams. I can tell you that I was not a writer. As I walked through my struggles, God lead me to write my book and start my blog. That was not my “chosen” profession… but God used me as I allowed Him. He will use you too. As for as your introduction, I can tell you that my introduction was the last thing that I wrote. I wrote and wrote, completing my book in 6 or 7 weeks… then months later, the introduction was birthed as I allowed some to read my manuscript. All that I can tell you is that it will all come together in the end as you allow God to lead. God bless you and your books. May all of your dreams come true!!!

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  2. Thank You. I appreciate those encouraging words. I will keep seeking God and let him use me in the way that he want me too. God bless you and may all your dreams come true as well.! 🙂


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