Dear Lord,

I need you to help me get back close to you Oh Lord. I miss talking to you before I go to sleep. I miss being able to pray in the bathroom to you. I’m loosing focus and I don”t want to loose focus on you. Lord, bring me back to you. I feel myself loosing focus and focusing on other things that’s not involved around you Oh Lord. I just pray that you watch over me through this struggle. Lord, I need you now. You’re an awesome God. Keep reminding me that you gave me a purpose for my life. I know my purpose and the enemy is trying to make loose focus with everything that I’m seeing. We can’t always focus on what we see. Lord, please hear my prayers. My faith was going higher and higher and it dropped down one level Oh Lord. Push the enemy off me. I’m loosing focus. My mind is going crazy with these worldly thoughts. I need you right now and if you want me to talk to you tonight I will. I know you miss my voice Oh Lord. Bring me back to you. I need you to shower down your spirit and your love on me Oh Lord. I lost something but, I know I will gain more because of my faith in you Lord. Continue to build my faith on you. Continue to work on me. I know I been praying for others a lot but, sometimes I need to pray for myself to. I know I’m blessing others but, what about me? I know it’s good to give Oh Mighty God but, am I giving to much? It’s hurting me on the inside and no one sees it. Lord, fill my mind with your word. Shower down on me. Please shower down your spirit on me. I stopped reading the bible for a while and I used to read chapters. Lord, help me get back to that Oh Lord. I need others to pray for me to. I’m always praying for someone else I need a little prayer to. I’m always encouraging others but, I need a little encouraging word to. I know your favor is all around me Oh Lord. I need you. I need you. I need you. I need you. Don’t forget about my needs to Oh Lord. In the name of Jesus. . . AMEN!!!!!


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