Hello every one,

The name of my book is called “God’s Poetic Child”

Today I am spending a lot of time in the library and I’m getting a lot of things accomplished. I finished Section One in my book. The first Section is called “Helping You through Poetry”. The first section has 46 pages. I will give you a hint on what’s in this section. I know I have my main readers who keeps coming back to read my posts. Well, for my main readers, the poems that are in the first section are the poems from my blog. The last page of the first section has a poem called “God Sees Me”. Does that ring a bell? Yes, I just put that poem on my blog today. So, read it if you haven’t already. My second section of the book is called “Daily Prayers For Everyone” This section has the estimate of (41) pages but, I am not done. This section will take me a while to get done because the daily prayers I come up don’t come to me easy. The last prayer of that section is called “Pray For Me Too” does that ring a bell? Yes, I just put that poem up yesterday. I’m not finished but, this will get done soon. I finished Section Three of my book which is called “A Glimpse Of God’s poetic Child’s Life” and this section has 19 poems in it. The last poem in this section is called “Admitting your problems IS RULE #1 in POETRY (Confessions). Hum? Does that sound interesting to you? I’m glad I only have two sections in my book that are finished. I am done with my introduction but, I have to rewrite it because I think it can sound a little better. I will post my introduction and tell me how does this sound to you. It will be a little later because typing it will take a minute. I have one more section left to finish and then put the finishing touches on my book. I know this will get publish very soon. With Christ we can do anything and have faith.


2 thoughts on “What Am I Doing At The Library?

  1. Amen!! Through Christ we can do all things. Allow Him to lead you, my sister. Write, write, write as He leads… then all the chapters will fit together. He is the Author as we submit to be His pen. He gave me that scripture as I was writing The Walking Wounded… “My Tongue is the pen of a ready writer!” Just write for Him, my sister and see what He will do!!

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  2. Amen my sister. What scripture is that so I can meditate on it. Yes, I will allow him to lead me. I will keep writing and will let him lead me. You’re right the chapters will fit all together. I like that saying “He is the Author as we submit to be His pen” and I also like “My Tongue is the pen of a ready writer” He will do some great things for me Oh God is so good and people don’t know it. ! God is just so awesome. Oh Mighty God! 🙂 Thank You Jesus for this gift He has given me. !


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