Are you wondering if I’m having fun? Yes, I’m having a lot fun.

A Short Story About Poetry!


3 thoughts on “Another One I Made! :)

    1. Thankyou. I use this app called “Pixlr editor”. It’s really easy. May you comment on the posts that are talking about my book. I need some advice and feedback. I would really appreciate it. I also printed out one of your poems to keep for myself to look at . I love your writings. The one called “He lifts Us Up: The Fragility of Life” I’m keeping that in my binder to keep reminding myself. Thanks for posting that by the way. 🙂


      1. Thanks for the information. I will have to check into that. We have pictures from a photo shoot from my book cover that I would love to put scriptures to but did not know how to begin. I have read about your book and your dreams and you are an inspiration to many as you reach for your dreams. My writing was birthed out of pain. May your be birthed out of your aspirations for your future as you hold onto the Master of your dreams. He put them there. He will lead you as you hold onto Him. Thanks for your support. I am so glad that you liked my poem. I can tell you that I write as God gives me a word or series of words like “the Fragility of Life.” It’s all about Him, my sister. Allow Him to use you and there will be no limit to your possibilities. God bless you, Taris!!!


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