Hello everyone,

Today I am working on my book once again and I’m working on my introduction. If you been reading my last posts, I’m changing the introduction into something way better. The introduction of my book is very complicated. I don’t know why it’s so complicated. For my introduction, I have three or four pages long that’s written but, I know that once I type it, it probably won’t be three pages long. In my introduction I am talking about Who did I write the book for? Why did I write the book? What to expect inside the book? Who inspired me to keep writing this book? The names of the people who inspired me/supporters. Who brought me to my church (Vinyard House of Prayer)? How did I come up with the title of this book and I don’t know when I started writing my book. I just started writing it. Haha I know that’s a bad thing, sorry about that. Anyway, I made the index for Section One and Section three because those two sections are finished. I still haven’t finished Section two because that section is dealing with Daily Prayers. Why is this section taking me so long? How many daily prayers do you think I need.? I have (10) daily prayers so far. This part is just as frustrating as the Introduction. Any suggestions on what I should do with this section? I’m counting on having 41 Daily Prayers, will that be enough for everyday? I will remind you that section one has 37 poems and Section three has 19 poems in it because it is “Only a glimpse on my life” You won’t get the full story about my life because I will save that for another book that I will write soon. Are you wondering on how I keep track with everything, I have notepads. I am a true writer because I have notepads, pens, paper and more paper, binders and books to help me with publishing. Also, I have books that will encourage me to keep writing and encourage myself through out the day. I’m at the desk at my library and you should see how messy it looks lol. Crazy right? I also ben at the library since 10 this morning. I use my money to print pages of my poems to put in a binder. My pages are of course numbered. I mean duh they have to be. Are you wondering what book did I get from the library today? I got a book called “2014 Writers Market” and I didn’t start reading this book yet. But, this book is very huge and it looks like it has so much good things in it. I’m excite to read it. I am very hungry right now  but, at least I have snacks in my back pack. I hope I can go to church later on for Friday Night Service. Well, that’s all. Be on the look out for “What Am I Doing At The Library? (Part 3)


6 thoughts on “What Am I doing At The Library? (Part 2.)

  1. Good for you! I don’t think I am anywhere near that stage in my book, I am still compiling what I want in it. Every time I think I have an idea on where it’s going I change my mind lol. I love that you still use note books and binders! I am not alone!!!! Hahaha nothing beats the feeling of the pen gliding on the paper! God bless you and I look forward to hearing more as you go through the whole process!

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  2. Thank you so much. You don’t know how happy you just made me at church. You will get to that stage where you can write a book. I’m struggling a little bit with my book but, it’s getting finished, I have plenty of note books and binders around my room lol. That’s right my sister. You are definitely not alone. When you put the pen to the paper, it’s words that come out you can’t explain. God bless you and I will be going on a 2 day fast and I will write those two days. Expect more and there will be more writing on the way. Thank you so much. ! 🙂


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