Have you ever read the whole Psalms chapter?

It sounds like poetry right?

Well, I have an assignment for you!

I will do the same homework assignment as well.

You notice how when you read the Psalms chapter its put into sections like a haiku.

Some sections are even longer than that.

But, have you noticed that they rhyme in some type of way?

Well, I want you to read all of the Psalms chapter.

I don’t know for sure how many Chapters and verses the Psalms Chapter has.

But, how ever many chapters there are, I want you to write as many sections that Psalms Chapter has.

You think you can do it.

Are you really the poet that you say you are?

This is a challenge for every poet if you read the bible.

If you don’t read the bible, I want you want to right a poem that has 110 sections well chapters that’s put together.

But, I will warn you.

I read the bible.

So, I want to see your own words not the bible words.

You’re a poet right? Do this challenge!


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