I got a check yesterday from my first job. I already knew that I was getting that check yesterday already. But, I had some mail in one of my bags that I didn’t open right. Yesterday, I was searching through one of my bags for something else. It was another check from the job that I got fired from. And I didn’t know I was still getting paid only from them three days. I had that mail that was in the bag but, I didn’t know what it was and didn’t open it. It was a good amount of money. The first check I had was 318.05 and the other was 127.53 I had took 40.00 out of the other check and gave my First Lady 20.00 for Gas money. Since, I took that 40.00 out of my account I have now 279.54 and I still have 127.53 on the second check that I didn’t deposit into the bank yet. So, if you are good with money, you should know how much money I have now. Hopefully, no one tries to take the money out of my account because I really need it. Even when you’re in a rough situation and you continue to see God and do His work and walk around in His spirit. He is going to continue to bless you. You know that saying ¨when you’re at your last God will bless you in mysterious ways¨ Stay Strong everybody. I love you all. ¨Don’t Let The Enemy Take Over Your Mind¨


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