• Sex
  • Money
  • Food
  • Being depressed and Lonely.

None of these things are of God. So, I have to quickly remove them. They are already driving me crazy. I pray that God take over my life and remove me from the drivers seat. I need to be kept in the passanger seat until God is finished guiding me and leading me to where he wants me to be. Some things I’m trying to get rid of but, it just don’t work. These are all of my addictions and some has been constantly coming back. I don’t know why but, God is still working on me. As I’m reading the word, learning and growing I see that these are not things of God. Me and the enemy fight every day in my mind. For example, I was at church yesterday and I brought me some chips at Walgreens that was down the street. One of my problems that’s driving me with out a drivers license is Food. I know that the chips I bought was not good for me and I didn’t need them. I also got candy which wasn’t good for me either. Today, I brought some chicken that I really love. I knew I didn’t need it but, I wanted it. So basically, I’m feeding my mind is what it seem like to me. Just giving you an example of some things. What’s driving you without a license?


2 thoughts on “This Is What Been Driving Me With Out A License!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, that’s what I’m doing. I’m trying to help someone know there self and encourage them through my blog. That’s what I made it for. I am so glad that you love it. God bless you!


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