I hope every one is having a great Sunday.

What ever word that you got today, let that word sync in your mind.

The word I had received from my Pastor was awesome.

I love my pastor dearly.

The title of the word I received today was “WHEN MONEY COST TOO MUCH”

I will give you a couple scriptures that I received today.

I will also give you a couple of points that my pastor gave to me.

We as Christians have to spread the word from our pastors.

No matter what the word we have received, we have to let someone else receive it.

Some one who probably didn’t go to church today, needs to hear that word.

Here are the points…..

1.) Cost of Money.

a.) It leaves you bankrupt.

b.) It leaves you blind.

c.) It leaves in bundage.

2.) The value of God.

a.) There is a security of God




“I’m sowing where I’m going”

“Your treasures is where your heart is at”

“When you get money, you get motives”

“Don’t let money run you”

Here are some scriptures I got from today as well….

Luke 12:33

Luke 11:34-36

Luke 16:13

Romans 6:16

Proverbs 11:28

Psalm 34:8

“When you give your life to God, you don’t have to worry about money. You’re already blessed. Worry less, pray more. God hasn’t forgot about you” -Taris


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