Dear God,

Thank you for being our God. Thank you for creating a Bible for us to read, meditate on, study the word and reflect back on. Thank you for creating tools like google search engines, Bible study classes, Christian books that helps with the word, dictionaries, and so much more that you can name. We have so much knowledge around us that it should be no excuse for us not to know at least a couple of scriptures that we can understand and certain chapters that has helped us over the past few years. God, shower down your knowledge on all of us. God, shower down your understanding, power, and word on us. God, you’re just such a blessing to us. It’s a blessing to have you Oh God, It’s a blessing to go to you in the midst of our troubles and happiness. We only have you God and we should be thankful that you are our Father. Thank you God for dying on the cross for us other wise, we wouldn’t have study tools nor a Bible. We would all be lost souls and wouldn’t have enough knowledge in your word. So, I just want to say Thank You for everything you have created for us even the Earth! In The Name Of Jesus…..AMEN!


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