Dear God,

We sometimes start to become the people who has hurt us. Which means everything that they have done to us, we start to do that to other people. For example. say if one of our ex’s used to only ¨use¨ us for money and sex. They they would treat their family bad and be selfish towards them. That ex didn’t buy you anything for appreciation or cared about anything you did for them. It hurt us so bad that we still haven’t forgave that person. Now, we don’t know how to express our feelings because what we say will only hurt people. So, we tend to shut down because we don’t want people to know how we truly feel. That’s what our ex used to do to us. The people that’s around us can’t truly get an understanding of us. We hurt their feelings just by not saying anything. We know that the person who cares for us and been giving their all to help us are hurt by taking them for granted. They don’t understand that someone has tooken us for granted as well. We can’t treat people who cares for us badly because of the people in our past. It’s better to say something instead of shutting down on the people who cares for us. ¨Don’t Become The People Who Hurt us¨ because we will hurt people who are by our side and will help us through thick and thin. So, I ask God that you heal everyone hearts that feel guilty because of this situation. In The Name Of Jesus….AMEN!


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