Dear God,

Why is that everything we do, say, dress and talk or walk has to be approved by someone. Even in Christianity we have to be approved by people like our Brothers and Sisters. People always say that we shouldn’t have to be approved by worldly things or certain people. When we are around a certain crew or group in church we have to be accepted and do certain things. Let’s say if you’re with one of your Sisters at Church, hanging out at the movies. They don’t want you to curse or act cray around them. You still have to get some type of approval to be around them. Say if you’re at Church or with some of your family members. Everyone in that certain group is expressing their feelings, they want you to express your feelings to. You’re the type of person who don’t want to express feelings or not good at it. People have to see if you would just open up like they do. then they get mad because you didn’t express your feelings. Say if you have a facebook page and you have certain people on their from church and your family. You put things like curse words or just express your feelings/opinions because you feel like it. They still get mad and don’t want  to see anything you post. God, It’s just some things I don’t understand why they are. Maybe just maybe we have to keep seeking you (God) to understand the things we don’t understand. Once we seek, the answers will be revealed and we will have an understanding of certain things.


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