Does anyone by any chance know of ¨Poetry Events¨ that are in the suburbs area of chicago? I think its time for me to start speaking my poetry. I need to be heard and it’s time to speak up. All I do is write poetry but, who’s really hearing it though? You all can read it but, it’s best to speak it so you can get the understanding of it. What do you think? Do you know of any?

Side Note: I encourage anybody who’s scared to speak their poetry, to START now. Don’t let fear stop you from doing your passion. YOU NEED TO BE HEARD!!! I bet it’s a poem or some type of writing style of yours that no one has ever heard of. Let me tell you something, the ones that you think are not so good, are actually the best ones and has a great message behind it. START NOW. You have a voice that’s been trapped inside of you that’s screaming ¨LET ME OUT”. Who are you? You are a poet. So what if your name is not known and you have a lot of enemies. You might have something to speak about that someone else has been feeling but, they feel uncomfortable telling it someone. You might have something to say about someone abusive relationship and they can’t get out of it. Your words of the tongue might help them to tell some one and yell ¨Help”. You might have something to say about people who think others ¨don’t understand them¨ and once you read that poem someone might say ¨remember that poem you heard at that event¨ that’s what I been trying to tell you about myself. You might have something to say about ¨Suicide¨ those are the words that really needs to be heard especially now and days. You can save someone from ¨Suicidal Thoughts”. To be honest, I have a lot of those poems that probably needs to be heard. I know you have some to. Stop being scared. People want to hear something new and spread the word about it. START NOW……! I DARE YOU TOO!


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