Dear God,

Do we say certain things out of anger? Or do we just say things because we feel like it? Or do we just say things because it feels good? Why do we say things that hurt people to the point they feel like killing them selves? What if we said a couple words like ¨You’re selfish¨ or ¨You always bring negativity into people lives¨? How would you feel if someone said that to you? That would make that person want to kill them self. Especially, if they keep isolating their self and no one is helping them in the proper way. It could just be the way people are saying things, that’s why it’s not helping that person fully. Do people ever watch what they say, this is for anyone? People are very sensitive and they can be like that their whole lives. What else can we do about it to help them? So many questions I have for you (God) and they’re not getting answered. Well, I’ll come back with more. In the name of Jesus….We might can answer these questions our self if we just have a little help from God and we will be okay. In the name of Jesus…AMEN!


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