Hello Everyone! I’ve decided to build this facebook page so that everyone can feel free to express their feelings or release the pain and hurt that they have been hiding for weeks, months or years. It’s time to let it all out and help each other communicate better. I am not a therapist but, I write wise words to help heal especially through poetry. I will be dong an advice column, poetry postings dealing with communications, scriptures, relationships, friendships, poetry prayers, church homes, the homeless, worldly music, material things and so much more. I’m here to help my brothers and sisters with their issues. I will NOT except any negativity on this page because this is to help people not hurt people. So, please be on your best behavior and remember I’m here to help my Brothers and Sisters! You can inbox me for advice if you don’t want any one to know all of your business and I will make sure I reply in some type of way. I might post a poem to help heal your pain. You never know what I can do to help you. You need an encouraging word? I’m here to help! I will make an email for this page as well. PLEASE SHARE AND LETS SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!! 

To all my viewers, readers, bloggers, and writers. I encourage you to like this page or follow it on facebook. It’s called —–  —-    Express Your Feelings Zone

I’m also making an email to that page right now. So, it’s coming along pretty well. Everyone please have a nice night and enjoy your rest. You will wake up with a smile on your face. Remember: ¨God Loves You¨ 🙂


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