Hey every one! I was looking through my blog and noticed that I stopped a couple of things I used to do a while ago. I used to do ¨Two Daily Scriptures¨. I used to put quotes and music on my blog. I used to do a lot of things. As I realized, when we go through things in life. EVERYTHING changes in your passion, the life you have at home, your friends, the things you know you have to do as a mission from God. Then you realized that you lose the main readers as well because your writing has changed. But, then again you gain even more readers than what you had before. You gain them because the things you write is a reflection of what you’re going through. I’m sorry if I haven’t been doing what I used to been doing on my blog. I’m going to get back to that. I just need to keep looking through what I used to write. I know this one person used to always like my ¨Two Daily Scriptures¨ that I got from Joyce Meyer. Well, I need you all to tell me what you miss? What do you think I should start back doing if you remember? I still go to the library. So, do you all want to me to start putting back ¨What I’m Doing At The Library?¨ I actually miss those my self. Do you all want me to start back with random poetry again? Do you all like the videos I put up from youtube? I know the only thing that I’ve been doing lately is the ¨Dear God¨ poetry prayers. I am going to continue on with the ¨Express Your Feelings Zone¨ because I think that’s important since so many people tend to hold there feelings in and are scared to express them. I understand why because I’ve been there and done that. I made the email that I said I was going to make for the ¨Express Your Feelings Zone¨ and the email is expressyourfeelingszone@gmail.com  I encourage anyone to express their feelings to me and I will give you advice of any questions that you have to ask me. I’m starting an advice column on the facebook page that’s called ¨Express Your Feelings Zone¨ So please like it and share it as well. It’s so many things I have in mind that I decided I’m going to do those too. I might just do everything again. I miss my main readers and I’m also excited about the new readers and the supporters of my blog that I gained as well. I appreciate every one and I remember your gravatar thingy so, that’s how I know I lost some people.  🙂


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