What motivates me to keep going towards my goals?

1.) Reading books or posts to encourage me with my dreams and goals.

2.) People that tell me my poetry encourages them and they love it/

3.) I’m a very mature and blessed young woman.

4.) I am more than a conqueror.

5.) Speaking positive things about my goals and dreams into existence.

6.) I am “God’s Poetic Child”

7.) Writing every single day and going to the library.

8.) Hearing about famous poets who passed away but, they were very successful.

9.) Blogging everyday to inspire someone else.

10.) Gospel music that I listen to that has a encouraging message behind it.

11.) Having no kids at a young age “I’m 19” really encourages me because i can do anything that I want.

12.) Having great ideas that I know will happen one day.

13.) Being myself and Being Happy.

14.) Encouraging my own self.


6 thoughts on “Morning “Mirror” Motivation Challenge

  1. I love the concept of motivation for ones self. I like how you put the word “mirror” into the title. It actually reminds me of a piece I wrote awhile ago. You came up with a great list 🙂 everyone should do this

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    1. Thanks for your comment. I got this idea from another blog and it was a challenge. So I did the challenge and turned it into something different. The blog that I got it from was commondenominatorblog.wordpress.com You should check it out. 🙂 Yes I believe everyone should do this as well that’s why I took the challenge upon myself and did it. Thanks to another blogger.

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