Dear Reader,

Have you ever thought about why I do the things I do? For example, the way I write is extremely good but, my communication is very low in person. Let me tell you why this is. I rather express my self through poetry because it’s so easy. Everything you need to know about me is written down on a piece of paper. I don’t have to explain myself either because I already explained myself on a piece of paper. If I wrote a book and it was published right. Say, the book was about poetry and I had a section of poetry about me. Would you read it? Of course you would because you would want to learn more about me. It’s the same thing. You want me to express myself to you in person but, you might not want to hear everything I have to say. Am I Right Or wrong? The only time you would catch me expressing myself is through poetry or somewhere that I feel comfortable. That’s why I want to do spoken word because, I want that feeling to be on stage and I’m expressing myself to a crowd. I feel like that’s my easy way out. I’m sorry if I’m making you upset because I don’t express myself to you. But, it’s best that I don’t say anything in person. Don’t get mad when I shut down because the only reason why I became the person I am today. It’s because I explained and expressed myself to some people so much and they didn’t care at all. I’m sure you experienced this to in life so, you shouldn’t be surprised.


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