So, the question that you asked me was “What Inspires me as a blogger?”  Well, I love my writing because its supposed to help inspire and encourage people daily. That’s why I started my own blog. I have a passion for helping others and writing. I love it when I post something and someone likes my post as soon as I put it up there. That lets me know that I’m at least inspiring one person but, as my blog grew into a bigger audience I started getting more likes and comments. The comments are a big motivation because, I know what my readers are thinking and I know what they like to read. Therefore, that gives me a chance to figure out what I should post everyday to keep them interested. What else inspires me as blogger? I just love when other bloggers re-blog my writing. When they do that, it can inspire someone from their blog and they can just click over to mine. Now, that is awesome. I also have my own business cards for my blog and that inspires me as well. I say that because if someone had my card and they typed in my website right? That can let me know that my business cards are working and it’s inspiring someone out side of the “Blogger World”. This is what inspires me as a blogger. 🙂


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