Dear God,

Some of us never really had a chance to experience ¨High School¨ the way that we wanted to. The only reason that is because of lack of friends, weren’t cool enough, didn’t smoke, drink, had name brand clothes or knew the latest parties. People in high school didn’t really accept or care enough that we existed. Now God, we see so many teenagers roaming around on the streets or playing around in certain areas. They are having so much fun. Which means that they’re excepted by others. That’s what society wants us to feel. The ones who are usually in isolation, are the ones who know better. They are the ones who will probably keep you out of trouble in high school. Sometimes we have to  be careful of the crowds we hang around in high school. We can get pressured into doing certain things that we don’t need to be doing. That’s when the trouble starts to hit in our household. You’re going through this because eventually you might become ¨The Chosen One¨ if you change the path that you’re going down. I encourage you to please choose your friends wisely in high school. It will be the best thing you ever did. Please don’t get caught up in feeling pressured into doing the wrong things. Your time is now to change your path. Don’t wait any longer. In the name of Jesus….Reveal to them that they’re ¨The Chosen Ones¨. In Jesus Name….AMEN!!!


2 thoughts on “High School Days!

  1. Yes, I am thankful not to be in high school anymore either. Even though I just graduated last year, I’m just happy with the life I’m living and ¨I Was The Chosen One¨. I went down the wrong path at first but, then I changed and went down the right path. Yessssssss, the years of being a teenager are VERY TOUGH. 🙂


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