I knew it was a mistake the moment it was over. That moment when I didn’t get a standing novation in ¨Open-mic¨. That was so heartbreaking that I almost melted. My heart almost melted into pieces. All eyes on me and jaws dropping from their faces when I was finished. No snapping fingers or even clapping. I was so scared that I thought they didn’t like my poem. Then the lady who was the host told me to take a seat. Her name was Mrs. Ross and she said ¨Darling, I know that you’re upset with yourself but, maybe this is a different crowd for you.¨ My heart kept bouncing as she was speaking to me. ¨Maybe you should try an area that has a crowd with your age range. How does that sound?¨ She asked. I was just so speechless that I started stuttering. ¨I-I-I-I-I thou——-ght my poetry was good enough for me to do spoken word here. ¨ I stuttered. Then Mrs. Ross chuckled and walked away. I cried on my way home, I was just so hurt and frustrated. This was the end to my dreams. I knew it was a mistake when it was over.

Just because you made one mistake doesn’t mean that you can’t pick it back up and try again. You’re a strong person and you can do this. Don’t give up on your dreams because only you can make your dreams happen. Pick them back up. That was only one poem. Try again because you’re talented and have more poems in your journal. – A voice whispered in her head as she was walking home.

The end.


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