This winter.


no tight coats

and tight leggings

with a hat is not allowed.

Dress more professional,

With leggings under

some nice slacks.

Tank tops

under long sleeve


More professional.

Boots with fur inside of


Don’t have the

ones that make you

want to show off on

a instagram picture.

Cutie clothes

will make you cold.

No thin gloves

or else you won’t feel your fingers.

You get the picture.

A nice warm

scarf that’s wrapped

around your neck.

Keep your body

warm and skin


Or else you’ll

be standing on the corner

jumping around and


Sweaters looks like they’re

back in style.

Get a black or gray one.

One that looks more professional.

This winter.

Don’t dress like you’re going

to a club.

It’s to cold.

The temperature is


This cold

will have your lips shaking and

your teeth stuttering while

you talk.

Dress professional

and warm.

This Winter….

It’s about to get freezing



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