Did God bring you back into my life on purpose?

Was it to get my thinking back on track?

We haven’t talked in months and all of sudden you contact me.

This was all because of God.

I prayed on me and you.

I have little personal talks with God about you.

This is so weird.

I thought we would never ever speak to each other again.

I know I haven’t been to church lately.

I probably won’t be there for a while anyway.

God still remembers the conversations I had about you

before I went to sleep.

I cried, I prayed and months later?

Why now?

I guess God see that I’m going through it.

Maybe God knows that I will appreciate

someone like you in my life.

He knows I will never ever make the

same mistake to push you away again.

I learned.

All you want is to communicate with me.

This is strong blessing to me.

I will take it and appreciate it.

Thank You God for

bringing this special

person in my life once again.

I promise I won’t push him away again.

I can’t.

I missed that person too much

for me to even do that again.

Thank You God….

This means so much to

me because He was the main one encouraging me.


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