Dear Reader,

I apologize for my absence of not reading a lot of your posts. I usually stay on top of it. I’ve been slacking, yeah I know what you’re thinking. I’m a big supporter with the WordPress Community, no matter what you write. Poetry, short stories, Writing prompts, Long or short essays, Photos, you name it and I read it. I’ve actually been slacking on my personal reading as well. So, it’s not just you at all. I have a book that I checked out from the library. It’s called Your Life Is A Book. How To Craft & Publish Your Memoir. By: Brenda Peterson & Sarah Jane Freymann…… I checked this out a couple days ago and it’s due on the 29th. Guess What…..I didn’t even get pass the first page… I also read magazines which are called ¨The Writer¨ and ¨The Writers Digust¨ I’ve been slacking on those to. I think I’m just getting lazy on my reading and focusing a lot more on my writing. But I think if you read more, you will have more knowledge. Maybe that’s just me….. I’ve been focusing on my career. I’m guessing you should already know what that is. Well, on the bright side at least my poetry is getting better and deeper. Don’t feel bad my friend I will try to get back into my reading habits. It’s not just you.. Your posts are very good other wise I wouldn’t have stopped by your blog a long time ago. 🙂


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