Do you remember the people who helped you when you were being bullied? I encourage everyone to please remember the people who has stuck up for you in school or any where else. In the future, you will come across those people again. You never know, they can still remember all of what happened. They are the ones who know why you act like the way you do now. Please don’t become buddies with the people who bullied you. I’ve been bullied when I was in high school. I recently just came across someone at the bus stop who helped me and stuck up for me. I should have thanked her. Now, we exchanged numbers and gave each other hugs. Those are the ones who still care about your surroundings. Even though you ¨yourself¨ should always watch your surroundings on your own. Remember those type of people because they will show up once again in your life. Everything happens for a reason. God could be bringing them back in your life during your struggles and they are there to save you once again. You never know. Keep them close in your life and you one day can help them during their struggles to.


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