A Spiritual Warfare is when someone is dealing with The Enemy trying to confuse things in our mind that are wrong. When we already know that we are sinning and we already know the word from the Bible. I been in my flesh for a while. The word is synced in me, I’m just in my flesh. Do you think The Enemy pulls us back into depression which also pulls us back to our flesh? Depression can be a really tough thing to deal with in our daily lives. When we suffer from being in depression, it’s hard to be delivered from that. Especially when we are effecting the people in our presence. When we don’t realize we are hurting the people around us. the situation gets worse. A spiritual warfare is the toughest thing that we can go though. The worst time for this situation is when you are at least in your teens. If God sees us going through it. He will eventually help and deliver us from it. But, we have to help our selves and stay humble. For those of us who don’t know what humble means.

¨Humble¨ simply means- having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance.

Do you think that you can humble your self during your spiritual warfare and turn to God so that he can deliver you from it?


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