So, on the phone you said that I should talk to God.

Well, let me tell you a secret through a poetic form.




God hears me talk to Him all the time.

I have conversations with him through out the day.

I actually vent to Him through poetry.

You are not with me everyday to know the things that I do.

As I’m talking to him through this poem.

I think he is telling me to join a different church.

I need to get away from the people that are making me feel guilty when I walk in there.

I haven’t been to that church in a while.

I personally feel at peace with my self.

I don’t like being questioned all the time.

I don’t like a lot of things.

But, when I start using the word ¨We¨.

Don’t call me saying well, I’m sorry.

I will never ever except the word sorry from anyone.

Well, because they don’t except that word from me.

¨We¨ will be in my vocabulary from now on.

But, I will not use it around you all because you all will still judge me

and still call me selfish.

For your information,

I do talk to God.

He hears my every cry and

I think my poetry is putting me at peace

by talking to Him through it.

This poem is called ¨FYI¨ for a reason.


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