High School Sweet Hearts……

Remember in Freshman year how we would all have that one boyfriend that we

was with the whole year.

And then you know broke up for a stupid reason.

People in the school thought you two was going be high school sweethearts.

All of sudden life hits us and things change.

We go through our high school stages.

We go through our college stage.

Then boom…

Life hits us again.

Whatever situation that you go through in life.

It will bring you back to the people you needed in your life.

Even though they were people from the past, they were the good ones.

Some how they left us but, we don’t remember why they left us.

You know those type of people I’m talking about.

Those were the people who were good to us

and never treated us wrong.


6 thoughts on “High School Sweet Hearts

  1. That would be my family! I made a TERRIBLE mistake in high school! Though I accept responsibility for my actions, it was because of a boy. I decided to sneak out of the house and smoke drugs, little did I know the drugs were laced and I ended up VERY sick! Some people seen me and spread terrible rumors about me. I Knew it would be very unhealthy for me to go back to School,So I dropped out of high school. In high school I had lots of friends! Once the rumors thoroughly spread, you Know how many friends I had left? None!!! What I did have was an incredibly supportive family! One that accepted me for me regardless of my faults and mistakes! I thank the Lord for them everyday! Shortly after I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. I honestly don’t know if I would have found Him had I not screwed up so bad!!! Great post! God bless you sister!

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    1. That is true. I’m glad you shared this with me. I like when people share there testimony. I went through this same situation but, just in a different way. I didn’t know that this post would help someone, God Bless You Too.

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