Tryna say I’m evil.

when you really don’t know me.

I have double lives that I have to hide from


Don’t no one really know me

until they took the time to look into my eyes.

come take a look into my eyes.

If I’m evil tell me if they turn red and they’re burning like


People so quick to think that they know me.

But, they don’t know me at all.

I feel like I have to be anti-social with everyone

because I fit into no one life style.

I’m just here…..

Doing my own thing.

But, then they start calling me selfish

and saying I have a selfish spirit.

I already know what they thinking.

I probably have a evil spirit too.

I have private thoughts.

That no one will ever get into.

Be careful of what you say about me.

I did my research of the things that you

all say towards me.


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