Dear My Future Kids,

Your mom will leave a legacy

When you get older, you will be active in Church.

You will not be active in these worldly things.

You will be in the Choir, Praise Dancing, Miming, A Youth Pastor, A Deacon, A Minister, or you will do something in the church.

You will Obey God and put Him as your number one priority.

You will not have kids at a young age.

You will start dating when you’re 19 and if I change my mind it will be 18.

You will not feel alone.

You will read the bible every night and your mind will be filled with the word.

Your mind will not be filled with negative thoughts.

The enemy will not get you.

When you’re going through something, remember that you will get out of that struggle.

It’s so much more that I have to share…

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