Dear My Future Kids,

I know I’ve been a mess lately.

I know when I talked to you last time on

my other poem,

I told you that God has to be

apart your life always.

But, I wanted to tell you

that when you go through certain things in life.

Life changes.


Things happen.

I will be honest.

I stopped going to church.

I don’t know if I’m talking to a girl or a boy.

But, which ever one you are.

I’m not giving up on God.

It’s just I felt a little offended at the Church

and my feelings are really hurt.

Even they don’t know that,

I’m letting you know that.

I will be going back to Church very soon.

God is calling my name.

I mean of course I’m still God’s child.

He created me.

He created you also so,

don’t ever let anyone tell you different.

When you go to Church don’t let anyone

bring you down to the point you stop worshiping God.

Because once you stop worshiping God,

You will start worshiping the enemy.

I almost fell into that trap.

Satan is a bad person

my beautiful daughter and handsome son.

He will try to control your mind and

try to turn you into a bad person.

You are not a bad person.

God always has the last say in everything.

When you are old enough to read my blog,

you will see how much I fell off from the Word.

But, everything will be okay with your mommy.

I’m not sure who you father is because

God has not blessed me with a husband yet.

So, I will be talking to you more.

Who ever your Father is?

I hope he is talking to you along

with the hardships in his life too.

I just want to let your Future Father know

that I love him and I hope

that God grows and shape me into

the person that I was created to be.

Just so I can be a great mother and



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