Likes on a facebook page, instagram picture or twitter retweets will not determine who I am in real life.

You can hit the like button as many times as you want, and I still act the same.

Too many people change their personalities just because of a one click of a like.

That “one like” will not determine who you are in real life.

Okay, yes you get a lot of likes on faebook, instagram, and twitter.

What about your social life out side of the social media world?

A “like” does not determine if you are beautiful or ugly.

Is that “like” going to get you an education or make you successful?

Think about it and…

Get it together yall.

Little do you know…

I barely get likes on my poetry but, I n the outside world I’m doing it big.

Little do you know, I can be successful without that click of a “One Like”


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